Terms & Conditions

This online store is an informational and commercial website. It is owned by S.M.E BG LTD. (For brevity referred to below - "")

Its goals are:

 - to provide an opportunity for its users to purchase the products they are looking for through an online order in a modern, fast and easy way;

 - to facilitate their choice through professional, systematized market analysis and optimization of the offered products in the context of the price / quality ratio for each one of them;

 - to implement a purchase-sale service, warranty and post-warranty service of the highest quality.

Prices and delivery:

The prices of all products in the online store are final, in Bulgarian leva with VAT included, for one item, unless otherwise indicated.

"" undertakes to conclude contracts for the delivery of orders only with companies established in the market of courier services. This minimizes the possibility of hidden and obvious defects in the delivery of the products from this online store.

In principle, all products announced for sale and with a fixed price in the online store are available and their delivery time should be two or three working days depending on the zoning of the country's territory, provided for in the conditions of the courier service provider. The counting of this term begins:

 - from the date of receipt of the order, if it includes payment upon delivery.

Orders received after 15:00 are considered received on the next business day;

 - from the date of receipt of the transfer, if payment by bank transfer is included in the order.

Transfers received after 15:00 are considered received on the next business day.

Instructions for use:

Registration in the online store is recommended, but not mandatory.

After entering a quantity and pressing the "Buy" button for each of the desired products, they enter a virtual shopping cart. Its content can be viewed and edited (change the quantity of the product in the cart and delete a product from the cart) after pressing the "Show cart" button.

The "Enter order" button opens a page with fields that must be filled in - e-mail address, first name, last name, city, phone and confirm by pressing the button below. On the next page, you select and confirm a payment method - upon delivery, with cash on delivery to a representative of the courier company "", which delivers the order, and the costs of the cash on delivery are for our account or in advance, by bank transfer. When choosing the second option, the user receives an e-mail with the bank account to which to transfer the money. When the "Confirm order" button is pressed, a page opens, which again shows the products selected for purchase and gives the opportunity to send a text message if the customer wants:

 - to add information to your order;

 - to be issued an invoice for the purchase;

 - to have the purchase delivered to him at an address for a price that is specified in an e-mail to him and must be confirmed, since it is not included in the price of the products he orders.

General terms:

By pressing the button "Completion of the order", which is located on the last of the series of pages for entering an order, the user makes a declaration of will that binds him to the force of a contract between him and "", according to the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers and Trading Rules (CTRLs).

In case of refusal and non-payment of delivery of an order from the online store with cash on delivery, the user bears full legal responsibility according to the legal provisions in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Users of the online store undertake that communication by electronic means satisfies their requirements under the law and accept it as equivalent to information transmitted on paper or verbally over the phone.

Registered users of the online store undertake not to provide their access data to their personal profile (username and password) to third parties.

"" undertakes not to distribute information with the personal data of users of the online store outside "" and the persons or companies hired to provide courier services for the delivery of orders.

"" may refuse to fulfill orders at its discretion.

"" is not responsible for:

 - possible omissions related to the information it maintains on the site and the online store;

 - the completeness, validity, accuracy and substance of the information contained in the linked sites;

 - unforeseen depletion of stock;

 - the consequences, including possible damages, caused by or related in any way to the access or use of this site;

 - the inviolability of the information on the site from computer viruses or other threats.

"" reserves the right to make changes to the terms of use without prior notice.
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